Traditionally, anti-aging products have always been associated with a more mature demographic. Over here, we can suggest an anti-aging regimen to someone as 20 years old! There are no limitations or guidelines here, and there is also no such thing as "too late". If you want to take a step up from your current moisture routine, by pampering yourself with rarer and more exquisite ingredients, you've come to the right page. See below for our customized anti-aging skincare regimen!

Cleanse and tone

Gentle and non-stripping cleansers can be used to melt makeup or deeply clean skin. Double cleanse as an option for extra squeaky-clean skin. Then, apply belif's botanical toners to balance the skin's pH after cleansing.

1) Oil Cleansing

An anti-aging skincare routine is extremely concerned with skin moisture as it is the first component to achieving fewer fine lines. An oil cleanser will be able to remove makeup and naturally-occurring excess oil build-up, while maintaining the skin's moisture levels.

We recommend:
Cleansing Gel Oil Enriched- formulated with winter melon, this gentle cleansing gel can remove heavy makeup effectively yet protect the skin from irritation during cleansing.

2) Foam Cleansing

A foaming cleanser removes water soluble ingredients such as dirt and dust easily picked up from air. Ensure to always opt for a cleanser with high glycerin content, in order for the skin to maintain its moisture barrier.

We recommend:
Creamy Cleansing Foam- formulated with natural Soapwort, Wormwood and Soapberry, this cleanser is rich in vitamin C, an antioxidant that can reduce skin damage and potentially reduce fine lines.

3) Exfoliation

Amount of exfoliation should be determined by the sensitivity of the skin. However, we generally recommend exfoliating only up to twice a week to prevent stripping away moisture on the skin.

We recommend:
Mild & Effective Facial Scrub- formulated with Bracken seeds and cotton fibres, this scrub is extremely suitable for any skin type due to its mild scrubbing components. It will also smooth skin texture and improve absorption of vitamins and antioxidants.

4) Toner

The toning step is intended to balance skin pH levels and consequently providing a replenishment of water on the skin after cleansing. The more viscous the toner, the more moisturizing it tends to be.

We recommend:
Bergamot Herbal Extract Toner- this gel-liquid toner is designed to balance the skins water-oil ratio. Formulated with sage and bergamot, this toner can simultaneously clarify and hydrate the skin.

Moisturizing is the key

Antioxidant-filled essences help boost the effects of your moisturizer by setting an ultra-hydrating base. Our moisturizers use plant-based ingredients to leave skin looking soft & supple. Don't forget to flood fine lines around the eyes with intense moisture for instantly younger-looking eyes.

5) Essence

The skin is made up of the epidermis (outer layer) and the dermis (under layer). Essences are formulated with much more compact water molecules that can penetrate into the skin's dermis. This is ideal for anyone with oily to combination skin as it can plump the skin with water and become instantly hydrated. As a result, skin with higher water content will produce less oil on its surface. Interestingly, an essence can also be used as a booster serum before the serum to intensify moisture and product absorption.

We recommend:
Hungarian Water Essence- this gel-liquid toner is designed to balance the skins water-oil ratio. Formulated with sage and bergamot, this toner can simultaneously clarify and hydrate the skin.

6) Serum

The skin is made up of the epidermis (outer layer) and the dermis (under layer). The serum will penetrate into the dermis layer and deliver more nutrients for the skin. Anti-aging serums are great for delivering these nutrients for the skin to improve the skin's elasticity.

We recommend:
Peat Miracle Serum- formulated with 20% concentrated peat extract, this serum is clinically tested to improve skin turnover and elasticity. Peat extract can help preserve the skin and consequently diminish the appearance of fine lines and rough texture.

7) Eye Cream

A lot of people do not believe in the significance of an eye cream and opt to use a moisturizer as their eye cream. However, these are crucial for anyone looking for an anti-aging regimen as this area of the face is more prone to fine lines.

We recommend:
Peat Miracle Revital Eye Cream-this eye cream is dense with humic acid, which can plump up the skin around the line, reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Its velvety texture also ensures that the skin becomes smooth and nourished.

8) Cream

Ensure to always apply face cream as the final step of your anti-aging routine, as this seals up all products used prior to this step and locks moisture in the skin. Opt for a moisturizer that can improve skin elasticity as well as provide rich moisture without leaving skin greasy.

We recommend:
Peat Miracle Revital Cream- formulated with peat extract, this cream provides deep moisture and hydration, as well as improve skin turnover rate by 9.28%.

Go the extra miles with masks

Masks are the ultimate skincare essential everyone must have. We believe that this step is equally as important as any other skincare steps we have suggested. They can purify, hydrate or deep clean the skin depending on its consistency and the type of ingredients. They can provide an intense treatment for your skin but most importantly, you can also feel pampered in the comfort of your own home. One of our favourite tips for making the best use out of your mask is to exfoliate beforehand so that your pores can open up and absorb all the nutrients effectively.

So go ahead; spoil yourself and explore some of our personal recommendations for anyone looking for a luxurious anti-aging treatment!

Peat Revital Miracle Clay Mask

In one of its purest forms, this miracle mask contains 5% peat, which can purify and smooth the skin. This mask is also dense in minerals and humic acid, which can tighten pores but also prevent skin from drying out.

Use for 10 minutes, once a week after exfoliation, and follow up with toner.

First Aid Anti-hangover mask

Formulated with Chamomile and Xylitol, this mask can provide an extra boost without any greasy finish. Light weight in texture, it would be an excellent add-on to the routine for smooth and luminous skin.

Use 2-3 times a week, leave on for 10 minutes and rinse off, or apply overnight as sleeping mask. Follow up with toner.

Aqua bomb sheet mask

Made with 100% pure cotton fibres, this sheet mask can be used for any skin type for instant explosion of hydration. There are no limitations of the usage frequency, however we generally recommend 3 times a week or every day!

Apply toner before mask application.

First Aid 360 Eye Care Mask

Formulated with Mimosa extract, this eye care mask can instantly cool, hydrate and relieve fatigued eyes. Suitable for all skin types, this can treat dark circles and puffiness, as well as boost efficacy of any eye cream.

Use 2-4 times a week around the pressure points of the eyes.

First Aid Overnight brightening mask

Formulated with black truffle, and visible capsules of amber, pearl and gold powder, this creamy sleeping mask can provide intense moisture and overnight radiance to the skin.

This can also be used in place of a moisturizer for extremely dry skin days or on only dry areas of the skin.