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  • belif story - I am belif

    belif's promises to deliver the true value and true quality to the customers.

    belif's 5 promises :
    True Ingredients, True Formulas, True Benefits, True Honesty, True Community.

  • Moisture Trip

    The True Cream - Moisturizing bomb
    The True Cream - Aqua bomb

    belif star products instantly infuse hydration. Like an explosion of water to the dry and parched skin of the modern women suffering from all sorts of irritation and pollution.

  • Moisture Trip

    Hungarian Water Essence

    Seductive water that holds the secret of youth - Instant recharge of Water in your skin with Hungarain Water Essence. The secret water will provide lasting hydrating effect to help you embrace a new skin transformation.

    With its superb hydrating and absorbing effect, a women's desert-like parched aged skin blossomed again with moist and youthful look. 

  • The True Cream

    The True Cream - Moisturizing bomb
    The True Cream - Aqua bomb

    The True Creams are the Oasis for dry skin.
    Epitome of plant science passed down from the 17th century. belif has reinterpreted Napier's hydrating formula to create the hydrating cream, The True Cream-Aqua Bomb and Moisturizing Bomb.

  • Secret Water

    Hungarian Water Essence is inspired from Hungary water secrets with Napiers Aqua and Original formula.
    The magical water of youth, Hungarian Water, was used by Napiers in its hydrating formula for 150 years and now.

    The Hungarian Water Essence will keep the modern women's skin moist all day long with its fresh hydrating powers for younger looking skin.

  • belif wonderland

    Collaboration with sticky monster lab

    You can experience the story of belif and meet our best products with adorable characters.